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Is there an "accident waiting to happen" at your work?


Is work making you ill?


Are you worried about a loved one because of the conditions in their workplace?

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How You Can Help Us

We are a registered charity and can only continue to provide our advice and support services with the financial help of others. If you are able to support the work we do, we would ask you to consider making a regularly monthly donation, or to carry out a piece of fundraising on our behalf.

If you were to donate £10 per month, you would help us provide a full day of advice and support, and help prevent others from suffering work-related injury or illness in the process.

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If you are concerned there is an "accident waiting to happen" in your workplace, or in the workplace of a loved one, or if work is making you or a family member ill, we want you to contact us so we can provide the advice and support you need.

We primarily advise those in non-trade-unionised workplaces, and deliver the clear message that:

trade union workplaces are safer workplaces. 

How we are helping people

Natalie Woods McKeown


Work-Related Fatality

"Without your help and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. You have not only given us a voice, but also given my dad his voice." 

Parents and Pupils of St Ambrose & Buchanan High Schools


Ill Health Concerns

Supporting the search for answers as to why pupils and teachers are displaying various health symptoms and illnesses at the schools.

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Contact us for advice and support in relation to any work-related health and safety issue, you are experiencing or have experienced.

0800 0015 022

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